After an eight-hour standoff, special Israeli police captured an armed Palestinian who broke
into the British Embassy in Tel Aviv and demanded political asylum, Israeli sources reported.

No one was injured as the man, Nadim Al-Najaz, was seized and disarmed after he had to lay down his pistol for a second to eat food that the police gave to him. The police discovered that the pistol was plastic.

Embassy spokeswoman Karen Kaufman said that the man was arrested in a coordinated effort with British officials.

Najaz, a 28-year old resident of Ramallah, is a spy recruited by the Israeli security service.  Apparently, Palestinian resistance fighters gave him a chance to repent by carrying out an attack against Israeli settlers, which he refused.

Several Palestinian leaders have been assassinated with the help of spies and Israeli security service agents which made Palestinians intolerant with the spies.

Apparently, Najaz could face death if captured by the Palestinian resistance fighters, therefore, he attempted to seek asylum, after he could not receive any help from his Israeli security service employers.

"If no one comes soon to help me save my life, I will finish myself here," Najaz told the Israeli TV Channel 2 in Hebrew.

The Israeli online newspaper Haaretz quoted the Israeli police as saying that Najaz was an informer and a criminal with a record of property and drug offenses who had encountered financial and legal troubles.

Najaz said that he had petitioned Israeli courts and contacted local media and human rights groups to win residency rights in Israel, Haaretz said.

The parking lot is considered British terrain, but the ambassador decided to let the Israeli police handle the incident.

According to observers , Najaz had been discarded by his Israeli employers, rejected by his own people after betraying them and spying on them, and ignored by the Brits, from whom he sought refuge.