In the village of Ayt al-Shab in southern Lebanon, refugees have been
trying to return home to their ravaged village.  But an ongoing Israeli
military operation there, in direct violation of the Israel-Lebanon
ceasefire of August 14th, has made coming home impossible for many.

Since yesterday, according to Israeli sources, a major military campaign has been carried out against the village of Ayt al-Shab, a town which Israel considers to be a 'Hezbollah stronghold'.

Jonathan Cook, a political analyst in Israel, notes, "In the 'relative calm' that has followed Israel's month-long pounding of Lebanon…Israelis may no longer be dying but the Lebanese most assuredly are as explosions of US-made cluster bombs greet the south's returning refugees and the anonymous residents of Gaza perish by the dozens each and every week under the relentless and indiscriminate strikes of the Israeli air force while the rest slowly starve in their open-air prison."

The Israeli sources claimed that their operation resulted in the destruction of grenade launchers, mortar shells, light arms and communications equipment used by Hezbollah, but did not specify how much weaponry and equipment was destroyed.