Dozens of Palestinian residents of Al Khader village, near the West
Bank city of Bethlehem, supported by international peace activists,
marched on Friday against the construction of the Annexation Wall on
their lands.

Following Friday prayers at the village's mosque, the protesters gathered and marched through the streets of the village to the construction site of the Wall near the village.

Israeli border guard units and police officers tried to obstruct the marchers while a group of activists  of the  International Solidarity Movement (ISM) took a farming road and managed to reach the barbed wire barrier installed there by the army until the Wall construction is completed.

The activists removed the barbed wire that isolates the residents from their land, but the soldiers arrived in the area and closed it.
The ISM reported that the protest was peaceful, the protesters raised Palestinian flags and carried signs with slogans against the Wall.

The protest ended peacefully, some youth from the area hurled stones at the soldiers but the organizers of the protest and the ISM stopped them.

Another protest against the Annexation Wall and settlement expansion is expected next Friday.