Two young men on their way to work Monday came under attack by Israeli
special forces, who shot multiple rounds into the taxi in which they
were travelling.  Both men were killed, and the taxi driver was wounded.

The driver, 36 year old Qadry Frasini, reported to the Palestine News Network, “I was driving the two young men to work when we pulled up behind a large truck carrying fruits and vegetables. Before I knew it, our car had come under fire. Pedestrians nearby managed to quickly hide, but it became clear to me that my two passengers had been hit.”

Medical sources announced that the two killed in the attack were Anees Tawfiq Amor and Ahmed Muhammad As’ad. The driver managed to escape with only a wounded foot. Palestinian security forces are investigating the attack and are holding Israeli forces responsible for the deaths.

Local sources reported that neither of the two men were known to be members of any resistance groups.  Israeli special forces are generally used by the Israeli army for extra-judicial assassinations of Palestinians suspected of being connected to resistance groups, but civilians often end up being victims of the attacks.  Such extra-judicial assassinations are illegal under international law, and Israel has been widely condemned for its continued use of the method.