Arab Lawmakers at the Israeli Knesset arrived on Thursday in Lebanon
for a two-day visit that will include a meeting with the Lebanese Prime
Minister Fuad Siniora on Friday. Three Arab members of Knesset
conducted a visit to Syria before heading to Lebanon.

Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that the visit conducted by Dr. Azmi Bishara,  Jamal Zahalka and Wasel Taha, was coordinated with the spokesperson of Lebanese Government, Nabih Berri, who also mediates in talks with Hezbollah.

Officials at the Israeli government said that this visit is “in contravention of the Israeli law, since Lebanon and Syria are regarded by Israel as “a hostile country”.  

The Israeli Police department of international investigation announced on Thursday that it will open what it described as “criminal probe” as required by the Israeli Law.

Bishara visited Syria five years ago and was investigated and questioned after his visit. The visit promted a new law at the Knesset barring its members from visiting “enemy countries”.

The three Arab members of Knesset are members of the National Democratic Assembly, known as Balad party. The party released a statement several days ago stating the visit is part of  the realization of the right of Arabs in Israel to maintain contacts with  Arab nations."