In a summit in Havana, Cuba, the Movement of Non-Aligned countries,
which respresents 118 of the 192 recognized sovereign states on earth,
agreed overwhelmingly to support a document condemning Israel for "the
continuing killing and injury of Palestinian civilians by excessive and
indiscriminate force, targeted attacks and extrajudicial executions."

The document called for "the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from within the
Gaza Strip, for Israel to fulfill its responsibility to repair damage caused to the infrastructure in the Gaza Strip and for the immediate release of all Palestinian officials detained by Israel."  Further, the declaration expressed "grave concern about the deterioration of the situation … in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, as a result of the unlawful policies and practices being carried out by Israel."

The Movement, representing over half of the countries and the majority of people on the planet, demanded that Israel withdraw its troops from Gaza, release jailed Palestinian officials and repair damage caused by its military operations.

They stated in their declaration that the Non-Aligned Movement "firmly rejected the collective punishment of the Palestinian people for the democratic election of their representatives."

It also urged its members "to extend, on an urgent basis, economic and financial assistance to the Palestinian people to ease the current financial and humanitarian crisis."