The Tulkarem office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) reported
that female detainees in Telmond Israeli detention facility are facing
repeated attacks and abuse by Israeli troops, and that these attacks
have increased over the last several days.

The office released a statement saying that soldiers broke into the rooms of the female detainees, searched them and confiscated the their belongings. Also, soldiers attacked several detainees while searching them and searching their rooms and confined at least ten detainees to solitary.

The PPS added that soldiers used military dogs during the searches. 

The detainees were also forced out of their rooms and were forced to stand under the son for several hours.

Soldiers also barred the detainees from watching satellite stations, barred them from visiting each other in the different sections of the facility and refused to remove the ten detainees from the solitary cells.

Soldiers claimed that the ten detainees attempted to escape from the detention facility.

The PPS appealed humanitarian organizations and the International Red Cross ti interfere “save the detainees from the Israeli illegal practices against them”.

There are 110 female detainees in Telmond living under very difficult conditions and barred from their basic rights, especially medical treatments, and their visitation rights.