Palestinian medical and security sources in the Gaza Strip reported on
Friday that the Israeli air force fired at least one missile at a
4-story residential building injuring a woman and a child. Troops also
invaded Beit Hanoun and fired at several buildings.

The sources stated that an F16 fighter-jet shelled a house close to the border fence in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. One woman and one child were injured in the attack.

The building was completely destroyed while several surrounding buildings were damaged. Several residents, especially children, suffered anxiety attacks as a result of the shelling.

Soldiers informed the owner of the house, Khaled Qishta, that they intend to shell his house within 30 minutes, and claimed that there is a tunnel, used for smuggling arms and ammunition from the Egyptian side of Rafah,  under it.

Rafah is a city in the southern part of the Gaza Strip that is divided by the border with Egypt.

Moreover, eyewitnesses reported that ten tanks and two military bulldozers advanced for a distance of 500 meters into Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, and fired at agricultural lands near Al Shobaky area, close to the Agricultural College that belongs to Al Azhar University north of Beit Hanoun.
Soldiers uprooted trees and installed sand hills in the area, while tanks and armored jeeps drove in the area and encircled it.