A report issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Health revealed that
Israeli authorities deliberately prevent the transport of cancer
patients from the Gaza Strip to Israeli hospitals for treatment. The
Palestinians must cross the Erez Checkpoint in the northern Gaza
Strip’s Beit Hanoun.

The Department of Ambulances and Emergency for Gaza Strip hospitals reported that “occupation authorities refused to allow access of cancer patients from the Gaza Strip into Israeli hospitals to receive the necessary treatment.”

A 50%  decline has been seen in cancer patients allowed to pass for chemotherapy and other treatments unavailable in the Gaza Strip due to closures.

The Ministry of Health reported, “Twenty percent of the cancer patients in the Gaza Strip, including women and children, were receiving daily treatment in Israeli hospitals but but now only half of them are able to reach these hospitals.

The Erez Crossing has been closed since 25 June when an Israeli soldier was captured while invading the southern Gaza Strip.