Detainee Suad Abu Hamad, from Nazareth, said that female detainees in
Telmond Israeli prison are facing harsh procedures and collective
punishment after the prison administration claimed that two detainees
attempted to escape by “digging a tunnel” in one of the rooms.

The statement of Abu Hamad came on Friday September 17, during her meeting with Hanan Al Khateeb, a lawyer working with the Palestinian Prisoners Society.

Detainee Abu Hamad and three other detainees identified as Areen Ahmad, Abeer Amro and Shereen Al sheikh, were confined to solitary on September 12, 2006.

Abu Hamad stated that the Israeli Prisoner Authorities transferred the following detainees to Al Ramleh Prison for women; Laila Al Bokhary, Nisreen Abu Zeina, Tahani Zaki, Aisha Obeyyat, Ramah Habayib, Manal Ghanim, Lamya Galghoum, Sana' Amro, Suad Nazzal, Lina Hadaida, Hala Jaber, Maisoun Abu Aisha, Riham Abu Ayyash, Firyal Ja'ara and Amna Mona.

On September 12, prison administration in Telmond detention for women claimed that two detainees attempted to escape by digging a tunnel in room number 16.

The administration increased their punishment measures against the detainees after this claimed incident.

Meanwhile, the detainees in Telmond denied the allegations; detainee Suad Abu Hamad told the lawyer of the Prisoners Society that the prison administration brought workers who dug in room number 16 apparently for maintenance purposes, and then the prison administration claimed that the detainees were trying to dug a tunnel in order to escape.

Detainees in Israeli detention facilities and prisons are facing harsh living conditions, bad treatment and are denied of their medication rights.

Hundreds of detainees are barred from their visitation rights, isolated and tortured.

Sick detainees are not receiving the needed medical treatment and attention especially since there are hundreds of detainees who surfer from chronic diseases, disabilities and other diseases such as heart and kidney failure.

Israeli Prison Authorities still authorizes the usage of torture during interrogation, and is still keepings hundreds of child detainees imprisoned under harsh conditions and barred from their basic rights, such as the right to receive education and proper medical treatment.