Palestinian medical sources in Hebron reported on Friday morning that
one resident was moderately injured in Khallit Hadour area, south of
the city. Another resident was taken prisoner in an Israeli invasion to Al
Fawwar refugee camp, south of Hebron.

On Friday morning, soldiers backed by several armored jeeps and vehicles, invaded Khallit Hadour area, shot and injured Mohammad Farid Al Ja'bary, 21, and barred the Red Crescent ambulance from reaching him for 45 minutes.

Troops then transferred him by an Israeli ambulance to an unknown destination.

Eyewitnesses told reporters of the Palestine News Network that reporters were barred from entering the area until the injured man was evacuated.

Army source claimed that Al Ja'bary “was armed and intended to fire at an Israeli military post near the Ibrahimi Mosque”.

The father of Al Ja'bary said that his son works as a night guard at the Central Market in Hebron, and that he carries a gun as part of his guarding responsibilities.

In a separate incident, soldiers invaded the Al Fawwar refugee camp, south of Hebron, and took one resident prisoner. 

The invasion started after midnight and lasted for a minimum of two hours. Soldiers broke into and searched dozens of houses, and took resident Abdul-Qader Mustafa Abu Awwad, 21, to an unknown location.