The Hamas and Fatah parties are working together to prevent further
internal fighting in the Palestinian areas, said Dr. Salah Bardaweel,
spokesperson of the Hamas bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council
on Monday.

Dr. Bardaweil told the press, “Everyone expressed interest and took responsibility for ending the tension.”

Clashes erupted between the Hamas loyal, executive force, and the Palestinian security forces and police who protested against the government who has not paid them in the past seven months.

At least eight Palestinians were killed and over 60 were injured in the intense clashes in the Gaza Strip.

The two parties agreed to guarantee freedom of opinion and expression, according to the law, and calm the situation by ending armed attacks on public property and private banks and stopping street closures. The Minister of Interior is to order the executive force to leave the streets, and form a joint operation team, which would include all the national security forces and the executive force.

Both parties agreed to form a commission of inquiry to investigate the incidents and hold the perpetrators accountable.

Meanwhile, Minister of Interior, Sa’ed Siyam, declared that the Interior Ministry’s executive force will redeploy to its original positions in the Gaza Strip.

Siyam’s statements come after a Hamas-Fatah meeting held under Egyptian supervision on Sunday.