Khader Habib, a leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement, said on Monday that the internal clashes in the Gaza Strip are considered a “free gift’ for the Israeli occupation in achieving its goals to divide the Palestinian people and engaging them civil war.


“This is unimaginable, a Palestinian killing his fellow Palestinian”, Habib said, “All of this is without any excuse or justification, the only beneficial is the Israeli occupation”.

Habib added that the occupation is “adding fuel to the fire” of the internal Palestinian clashes in order to pass its own agenda and program.

“We have to remain united, to think untied in order to lift this unjust siege and the Israeli attacks against our people”, Habib said, “The enemy placed us in this situation, and we have to unite in order to step out”.

Also, Habib stated that Israel wants to Palestinian to fight with each other because it knows that the ongoing invasion makes the Palestinian unite.

“They want to continue their military assaults, while we are fighting each other”, Habib added.

He also called on rival Palestinian factions to bare their responsibilities, and protect the national interests and the interests of the Palestinian people facing daily invasions and attacks by the Israeli army.