Amidst internal fighting between Hamas and Fatah supporters Monday,
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas emphasized his power to dissolve
the Hamas-led government and call for new elections.

"I as a president have the right to form or dissolve the government at
any time, but I say that we should exert every effort to form a unity
government," Abbas told Al-Jazeera Monday.

Abbas also expressed that although he was still dedicated to forming a unity government between the two parties, he was doubtful of reaching a solution, and is seriously considering calling for new presidential and legislative elections for early 2007, according to the Gulf newspaper ‘Al Khaleej.’

Abbas has apparently discussed this idea with many of the leaders of the countries he has visited recently, Al Khaleej reported.   

Hamas does not support new elections as its members see them as a desperate attempt by Abbas and Fatah to overthrow the current government, a source close to Hamas said, and added that Hamas was not concerned about the outcome of the new elections because it firmly believes it would win again with an even larger majority than in 2006. 

Sourced from Al-Jazeera and Al Khaleej Gulf news