Palestinian sources reported that one fighter was killed on Friday at
dawn after an explosion collapsed a tunnel, east of Rafah, in the
southern part of the Gaza Strip. Rescue teams are trying to locate
fighters apparently trapped under the rubble.

The fighter was identified as Hafith Farouq Al Lahham, 25, three other fighters were located alive while rescue teams are searching for more fighters trapped under the rubble. Egyptian rescue teams are also searching under the rubble on the Egyptian side of the tunnel.

Israeli military sources reported that at least two were killed in the blast, and that five were injured. The sources denied any relation with the incident.

Meanwhile, Israeli army shelled with heavy artillery several areas in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. The shells landed mainly in agricultural areas and close to Palestinian homes in The Bedouin village, north of Beit Lahia, and in areas east of Beit Hanoun; damage was reported, no injuries.

In a separate incident, Israeli soldiers took four resident prisoners in an invasion to an area, east of Beit Hanoun. The four were transferred to an unknown destination.