According to Israeli sources, a homemade rocket was fired from the
eastern border of the Gaza Strip into the Israeli town of Sderot, five
kilometers from the border of the Gaza Strip.

Sderot has been the target of nearly every crude rocket — made of metal pipes stuffed with dynamite, fired by the Palestinian resistance, as its close proximity to Gaza makes it the only town within range of the shells.

The latest homemade rocket was fired late Saturday night, and hit near the home of the Mayor of Sderot, causing no injuries.  He told an Israeli news agency that the fact that Sderot keeps being hit by homemade rockets is an 'embarassment' to Israel.

The people of Sderot have a siren system to warn them when the crude rockets are on their way.

Palestinians have no such warning system, and Israeli air strikes often catch them unaware.  Over 250 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza since June.  No Israelis have been killed by Qassam shells in that time, although several have been lightly injured.