Ramah Habayib, a freed female detainee from Nablus city, in the
northern part of the West Bank, said that female detainees in Telmond
Israeli detention facility, were harshly attacked on September 12 
after the administration claimed that two detainees attempted to escape
by digging a tunnel in their room.

Habayib, who was released on September 15, denied the Israeli claims of the alleged  tunnel and said that soldiers  broke into the prison rooms, searched them and were hitting the ground with special tools they use in breaking the plates and searching under them.

The two detainees, Firyal Ja'ara and Riham Abu Ayyash, were cleaning the ground and removing the dirt that the soldier left behind, and then soldiers broke into the rooms again, especially room number 16 and destroyed the ground while searching it and claimed they are searching for the claimed tunnel.

Later on, prison administration punished the detainees by moving some of them to Al Ramleh and Al Jalama prisons. 

Habayib was moved to Al Ramla prison and remained their until she was released. Al Ramleh prison is also known as Ayalon.

She added that the conditions in Ayalon are very bad, and that the detainees are lacking the basic needs such as soup, clothes and toothpaste and that the soldiers walk through their room several times while they are sleeping.
The detainees who were moved from Telmond prison to Al Ramleh and Al Jalama are currently carrying a hunger strike and demand to be moved back to Telmond detention facility.

The detainees who were transferred to Al Ramleh prison are; A'esha Obeyyat, Maisoon Abu Aisha, Samah Abdullah, Riham Abu Ayyash, Lina Hadayda and Amna Mona. While the detainees who were transferred to Al Jalama prison are; Abeer Amro, Laila Al Bokhary, Areen Ahmad, Shereen Khalil and Suad Abu Hamad.