The Foreign Minister of the Gulf State of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Bin Jasim Al Thani, on Monday offered the Palestinian leadership a 6-point plan aimed at ending the internal feud between the Palestinian factions and renewing ties between the International community and the Hamas movement.


On Monday evening, Al Thani held separate meetings with the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas (with the Fateh party), and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya (with the Hamas party).

Following the meetings he said that the Qatari initiative did not fail and that the attempts to reach an accepted solution are ongoing.

Al Thani presented the Palestinian leaders with a proposal to form a Technocrat Government and suggested a meeting between the Hamas leader in exile Khaled Mashal and President Abbas.

Abbas refused to give details on the initiative but said that the parties are on track to solve the crisis.

The Qatari initiative is made up of six key points, that the Palestinian government must agree:

1. To abide by the resolutions of international legitimacy.
2. To abide by the previous agreements signed by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), including agreements signed with Israel.
3. To establish a Palestinian Independent State within the borders of the occupied territories established in 1967, and to co-exist with the state of Israel.
4. To stop all types of violence in a complete and unilateral manner.
4. To reactivate the role of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in accordance with the Cairo agreement signed between the Palestinian factions.
6. The PLO, the President and the Palestinian leadership should take charge of the government and call for peace talks with Israel.

Izzat Mohammad Al Rishiq, a senior leader of Hamas, said that the initiative could narrow the differences between factions, and added that Hamas is committed to a National Unity Government.

Also, Mahmoud Zahhar, the Palestinian Foreign Minister from the Hamas party, said that the initiative does not violate the Palestinian national principles.

Zahhar added that the Hamas leadership from Gaza and Syrian leaders also participated in discussion of the Qatari proposal.

The Chairman of Fateh’s parliamentary faction in the Palestinian Legislative Council, Azzam Al Ahmad, said on Monday that Abbas, and the Fateh party, are also committed to the Qatari document.

He added that Abbas and Fateh are waiting for a response from Hamas.