The Palestinian government spokesperson, Dr. Ghazi Hamad, from the
ruling Hamas party, said that talks on the formation of a national
unity government did not fail, and that the government is willing to
continue these talks. Hamad described the talks with the Qatari Foreign
Minister yesterday as “positive”.

Hamad added that the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya (also with Hamas), presented Hamad Bin Jassim-Al Thani, the Foreign Minister of Qatar, with a proposal that suggests a Palestinian acceptance to the establishment of an independent state within the 1967 borders and acceptance of international resolutions.

Hamad did not elaborate on the proposal or how will it bypass the issue of recognizing Israel. He said that the government will not give Israel any “free legitimacy while it continues to occupy the Palestinian territories”.

Yet, Hamad told Al Thani that the government will not be an obstacle to the efforts of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, in his diplomatic endeavors.

Also, Hamad added that the Hamas government rejects terrorism but it distinguishes between terror and resistance.

He challenged the statement of Yasser Abed Rabbo, member of the Palestine Liberation (PLO) Executive Committee, who said that the only solution is early elections.

“Such statements create a negative atmosphere”, Hamad stated, and rejected early elections or the establishment of an “Emergency Government”.

In a press conference with Abbas in Gaza, Al Thani said that there are two points that are still preventing the international community from fully recognizing the Palestinian government.  He did not mention what the two points were, but said that talks with the Hamas leadership in Palestine and in exile did not achieve any agreement.

Al Thani left the Palestinian territories without holding a joint press conference with Abbas and Haniyya, but said that his mission did not fail, and that talks will continue with international parties.

An Al Jazeera reporter in Palestine said that Al Thani presented a proposal to Khaled Mashal, Hamas Bureau Chief in Damascus, which suggests forming a technocratic government without the participation of Hamas and Fateh if the two parties fail to reach an agreement.

Meanwhile, The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Ahmad Abu Al Gheit, said that the Hamas-led Palestinian government should support efforts to revive the peace process.

Abu Al Gheit slammed the Palestinian internal clashes, describing them as “shameful for any Arab or  Palestinian”.

The statements of Abu Al Gheit came during an interview with the Al Ahram Egyptian newspaper.

Abu Al Gheit also criticized Haniyya, saying, “If Haniyya rejects the initiative, why doesn't he search for a better one”.