Wednesday evening, under-cover units of the Israeli  army, invaded the
Jenin refugee camp, in Jenin city, in the northern part of the West
Bank, took two fighters prisoners, shot and injured two residents
including a resistance fighter.

The Palestine News Network reported that the under-cover units carried an attack during evening hours as the residents were preparing to end their fasting day. Soldiers driving Palestinian vehicles infiltrated into the central area of the camp, and parked in front of the house of Arafat Abu Awwad.  

After the under-cover unit was stationed in front of the house, soldiers supported by at least 40 vehicles invaded the camp, broke into dozens of houses and used them as monitoring towers after sniper took positions on their rooftops.

Fighters of the Al Quds brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, and the Al Aqsa brigades, the armed wing of  Fateh, exchanged fire with the invading forces in several neighborhoods, and hurled explosives at them.

Two Palestinians were injured during the clashes; one of them is Jihad Al Sayes, 23, who was seriously injured in his head by a round of live ammunition fired by the army, and was transferred to Nablus hospital. Army claims that Sayes is a member of the Al Quds Brigades

Soldiers also surrounded several houses located near the house of Jihad Al Sa'adi, one of the main fighters of the Islamic Jihad.

Troops were attempting to take Al Sa'adi prisoner, but resistance fighters in the area exchanged fire with them for two hours. There is no confirmation whether Al Sa'adi was at home during the time of the attack.

Meanwhile, soldiers tightened their siege over the house of Abu Awwad, fired at it and drove two military bulldozers  threatening to demolish the house over its residents if the do not leave the property.

Troops detained dozens of residents in the area and continued their house-to-house search until they took two wanted resistance fighters prisoner.

The two were identified as Nidal Yacoub, 18, member of the Al Quds brigades,and Abed Al Ghani Abu Baker, 18, member of the Al Aqsa brigades; both are from Yabod village.

Soldiers withdrew from the camp after taking the two fighters prisoner. An Israeli military source reported that the “operation ended after the soldiers arrested two of the most wanted fighters”.

Islamic Jihad movement vowed retaliation and said that this crime will not pass unpunished.