Palestinian sources reported that Israeli warplanes fired several
missiles at a Hamas leaders’ house in the Al Shujaiya area in central
Gaza on Thursday night; killing three, including a girl around 10 years


Ayman Farawunah, the owner of the house, was killed along with the
10 year old girl, who arrived to the hospital severely mutilated, and
her father who was also killed in the attack.

Medical sources added that seven residents were also injured in the attack, some with sever injures.

Previously on Thursday, Israeli forces have already killed six Palestinians, five from the same family and wounded at least ten in a military invasion near Khan Younis in southern Gaza.  A spokesman for the Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, vowed to revenge the crimes committed committed by the Israeli army.  With the latest attack the death toll due to the Israeli offensives today stands at 9, with 8 being civilians.