The Israeli forces invaded tTaqua, Za'tar and Al Khader village in
Bethlehem district south of the West Bank on Friday at dawn and took
three residents prisoner.

Soldiers and jeeps stormed Taqua village, east of Bethlehem, taking Hanni Al Eroj, 33, to an unknown location after searching and ransacking his house.

Meanwhilem, Israeli force invaded Za'tra village, also east of Bethlehem, and searched several houses before taking Ahied Al Wahish, 24, to an unknown location.  Al Wahish works as a Palestinian security officer in the city of Bethlehem, his family stated.

In Al Khader, south of Bethlehem, more than 6 army vehicles entered the village and took Ramzi Salah, 32, to unknown location after searching his house.

In the city of Bethlehem, troops and army jeeps toured the city in a provocative manner after which they left, making no arrests, local sources from the city reported.