Zahra Qadih, 23, and the mother of five was killed on Friday morning in
Israeli army opened fire at residents' houses in Al Faraheen village
east of Khan Younis south of the Gaza strip.


A mother of five was killed while standing in her own backyard, by special units stationed on the roof of an occupied house, who opened fire at residents' houses, local sources have reported. 

Medical sources state that the Mother, Qadih, sustained multiple wounds to the chest and head which proved fatal, with her killed instantly.

The Israeli army offensive, which started on Thursday at dawn, has so far clamed the lives of 7 residents, among them are five from the same family, one of which was a child, additionally more than 200 residents have been detained by the army and taken to unknown locations.

Tanks and army bulldozers are still destroying land and heavily firing at residents' houses, from snipers position on the roofs of occupied homes.  Families are trapped inside one room of their homes while the soldiers above them shoot at anything that moves in the village of Al Faraheen.