The Israeli authorities did not allow Osama Al Adel, an MS patient from
the West Bank city of Qalqilia to travel out of the country for medical
treatment after claiming that he is a security threat to the state of


Al Adel needs a monthly injection that costs 1,500 NIS (350 USD). If he does not receive this injection on time he would lose the ability to walk, speak and see.

The Palestine News Network, PNN, interviewed the man, who told them that he was planning to travel to Saudi Arabia after he sent his medical reports to the German – Saudi hospital, which responded positively about possibly treating his illness. On his way to Saudi Arabia he was stopped by the Israeli borders control, who would not allow him to leave, claiming he is a security threat to the state of Israel.

Osama told PNN that the injections he needs are not available in the pharmacies in Palestine on a regular basis and doctors say that any MS case not taken care of on a regular basis puts the patient in great danger.

Osama went to Hamoked, an Israeli human rights group, to see if they could help him get approval from the Israeli military and secret police so to leave for medical treatment outside the country. Osama is still waiting, but in the meantime, his health is deteriorating very fast and his life is in great danger.