Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz will meet with settlement leaders
Monday to discuss plans to leave settlements in the West Bank
voluntarily. Senior officials in the Israeli army are to come up with
operational plans to evacuate a group of settlements.
"The matter of evacuating illegal outposts has not lost importance on the public's agenda, but was given a long rest during the war in Lebanon," Peretz said.

Last Thursday, Peretz instructed senior Israeli army officials to speed up the evacuation of illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Peretz had suggested before the war in Lebanon that settlers who live in illegal settlements organize themselves and coordinate with the draw up plans to evacuate immediately. Now that the war is over, he is redirecting his attention to the matter, which US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had brought up during her visit to Israel a few weeks ago.

In mid-September, Peret had ordered the Israeli army to prepare to demolish illegal structures built by Israelis, but has decided to use a diplomatic approach first.

According to Peretz, 90 buildings had demolition orders, but they will be spared for now.

Sourced from Haaretz