Israeli soldiers the villages of Doura and Kharsa south of the West
Bank city of Hebron and took four residents prisoner on Tuesday morning.

In Kharsa village, troops stormed residents' houses and took Mohammad Talahma, 32, and Ahmad Itbesh, 24, to unknown locations.

Also, soldiers invaded Doura village, south west of Hebron, searched and ransacked a number of houses before taking Shawkat Al Amaira, 25, to an unknown location.

In the city of Hebron, soldiers abducted Nafeth Al Amaira, 23, after surrounding his house and searching it.

Eyewitnesses reported that troops forced all families living in the residential building where Al Amaira's house is located, before searching the houses and ransacking their belongings.

Soldiers also attacked houses in the western neighborhoods of Hebron city, searched some of the houses and handed some residents military orders to head to Kfar Aztion military camp for interrogation by  the Israeli secret  Security  Services.