Palestinians are experiencing a humanitarian disaster on all levels,
according to UNRWA. The director of UNRWA operations in the Gaza Strip,
John Ging, insisted that the international community lift the boycott
immediately. In the meantime, donors must secure more money for UNRWA
so it may do its job, Ging said in a meeting Tuesday with delegates
form the Palestinian ministry of refugees’ affairs in Gaza.


The international aid boycott has put Palestinians in a difficult situation, leaving many jobless and hungry. Ging urged the international community to realize what is happening to the Palestinian people and address the worsening situation without any more delay. Even children are protesting in the streets against hunger.

Ging reminded his audience that poverty can be alleviated through education, however because of the boycott, the whole school system is on the verge of collapse. Ging feels that the issue of teachers’ salaries is one of the most important in terms of getting money to the Palestinian Authority.

During the meeting, Ging also articulated UNRWA's desire to work with the Palestinian ministry of refugees' affairs and promised to take their suggestions into account. 

Apparently UNRWA has not been completely useless as it has been able to provide some aid to the Palestinian people. The general director of the coordination department in the ministry of refugees' affairs, Hussam Ahmad, praised UNRWA for its efforts and encouraged the agency to document the personal aspects of the refugee crisis since it began in 1948.

Ahmad added his agency’s responsibility to cooperate with UNRWA in order to “facilitate its work and jobs in all aspects.”

Sourced from MAAN news agency