Israeli soldiers killed on Tuesday at night and on Wednesday night
after midnight two Palestinian residents in Jabalia town, in the
northern part of the Gaza Strip, Palestinian News Agency, WAFA,

Palestinian security sources reported that Israeli tanks and armored vehicles fired at dozens of houses near the Customs Area, killing one resident identified as Ghazi Dahdouh.

A medical source at Al Awda Hospital reported that Dahdouh suffered a round of live ammunition in his neck and died of his wounds at the hospital.

On Tuesday night, one resident was killed by Israeli military fire near Izbit Abed Rabbo, east of Jabalia after the army fired at a group of people who gathered near the Eastern Graveyard, east of Jabalia.

Israeli army sources reported that soldiers troops backed by tanks invaded the northern Gaza Strip late Tuesday evening and battled Palestinian fighters from the Hamas military wing.

The sources claimed that the fighters fired anti-tank shells at the army during the attack. A Hamas gunman was killed and another was injured, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.

Dr. Muawiya Hassanen, head of the Emergency Unit at the Palestinian Ministry of Health, reported that resident Zaher Ismail Al Tanty, 31, was killed and several other residents were injured in the attack.

Several residents were injured on Tuesday evening in a previous attack in the same area after the army opened fire at several residents who were gathering there.

Also, eyewitnesses reported that soldiers bulldozed several areas surrounding the Eastern Graveyard and opened fire at several construction near the area. 

On Tuesday, five Palestinians were killed in Al Ein refugee camp in Nablus, and in Qabatia town, in the northern part of the West Bank.

Two Palestinians, including one fighter, were killed on Tuesday evening by military fire in Al Ein refugee camp in Nablus city.

The two were assassinated by under-cover forces of the Israeli army, local sources reported.

The sources stated that an under-cover unit of the Israeli army infiltrated into Nablus using a local-licensed vehicle, ambushed the two and opened fire at them.

They were identified as Adel Abu Al Reesh, 24, and his cousin Firas Abu Al Reesh, 22. Both were hit by several rounds of live ammunition fired at them from a close range.
The assassination was carried out during evening hours as the residents were preparing to end their fasting day of the holy  Muslim month of Ramadan.

Also on Tuesday, soldiers shot and killed three children  in Qabatia town, in the northern part of the West Bank.

Two of the casualties were children aged 15 and 17. Mohammad Ikmiel, 15, was killed when a round of live ammunition hit him in his throat, and resident Hani Khalil Al Samady, 17, was shot by a live round in his heart.

The two were shit after the army invaded the town and clashed with dozens of youth who hurled stones at them. Ten residents, mainly children, were injured.

Medical sources reported that most of the injuries were in the upper body-parts, especially in the chest.

On Tuesday morning, soldiers backed by twenty armored vehicles and jeeps invaded the town and exchanged fire with resistance fighters. One resident identified as Omar Al Saho, 18, was killed by military fire.