Director of the United Nations Relief Works Agency for Palestinian
Refugees in the Gaza Strip, John King, held a meeting Tuesday to appeal
for aid to the Palestinians.

“The Palestinian people are living a real humanitarian catastrophe at all levels,” King said today. He called on “the international community to work quickly to lift the economic and financial blockade.”

“The situation in Gaza is very difficult and the UNRWA is expending all of its efforts to help refugees and ease their suffering, but the UNRWA cannot do what it wishes”, he stated.

KLing emphasized that the United Nation's organization would continue to provide aid to refugees in spite of the difficult conditions.

“We are working in the UNRWA to draw the attention of the world to the deteriorating educational system in the Palestinian territories in order to assume its responsibilities and work to provide salaries for teachers", he added, "There is no second chance when it comes to education.”

Also, King called for the provision of funds to the Ministry of Education to pay teachers' salaries in an appeal to the international community. “Attention must be paid to the tragic situation in Gaza.”

He thanked all of the teachers who are making strides to preserve the educational process despite the harsh conditions of living under siege.