Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported that the Egyptian police
intercepted a large arms shipment en route to the Gaza Strip on Friday
and arrested three Bedouin. Israeli military sources claimed that armed
resistance factions are planning to use the arms-smuggling tunnels
attack a Kibbutz near the Gaza border.

Haaretz added that the Egyptian police said that the three Bedouin were attempting to smuggle 200 crates of automatic weapons and ammunition from Egypt to Gaza.

A truck carrying the weapons was seized by the Egyptian police in the village of Ballouza, 100 kilometers east of Egypt-Gaza border.

North Sinai police captain, Isam Riziq, said that the smugglers were travelling towards the village of Sheik Zuwayid, and were planning to veer of-road towards the border, Haaretz reported.

Riziq added that the arrested Bedouin confessed they were planning to smuggle the weapons into the Gaza Strip through an underground tunnel.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army continued its search for arms-smuggling tunnels in the southern part of the Gaza Strip before dawn Friday.

Army source said that soldiers destroyed arms-smuggling tunnel located inside a house in Gaza.

The source added that at least 13 tunnel were discovered in the Gaza Strip, including a number of shafts of uncompleted tunnels. Most of the tunnels are close to the fence separating the Gaza Strip from the Western Negev.