Palestinian government spokesperson, Ghazi Hamad, from the Hamas party,
denied reports that shots were fired at the convoy of the Palestinian
Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, in the Al Nusseirat refugee camp, in
the central Gaza Strip.

In a phone interview with the Ramattan news agency, Hamad said that after attending Friday prayers at Al Qassam mosque in Al Nusseirat, Haniyya's convoy started moving away, and then members of the Executive Force, formed by Hamas, fired into the air in order to disperse the crowd and make room for the convoy.

Also, spokesperson of the Executive Force, Islam Shahwan, said that what happened was not an attack against Haniyya and his convoy.
He added that members of a family that lost one of its members in recent clashes between Fateh and Hamas gunmen, fired at members of the Executive Force after Haniyya left the camp and torched one of their vehicles.

Earlier on Friday, officials from Hamas and Fateh pledged to take steps to end internal violence during overnight talks brokered by Egypt.

During his speech at the mosque, Haniyya said that Hamas rejects any move  by the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, to call for early elections.