The Israeli army invaded the town of Qabatiya south of the West Bank
city of Jenin attacked residents' houses and took prisoner one resident
on Thursday morning, Palestinian sources reported.

Several army vehicles stormed the town before dawn and clashed with resistance fighters of Al-Quds Brigade, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine, and Al-Aqsa brigades the armed wing of Fatah who attempted to prevent the invasion of the army.

Local sources in the town said that Israeli troops attacked a number of houses, forced families out then searched their houses and ransacked them and took prisoner Jihad Nazal from his house and moved him to unknown location.

Jihad’s mother said that soldiers surrounded their house forced the family out at gun point.  She added that soldiers searched and ransacked the house and damaged the furniture and took her son with them.

Troops pulled out of the town and positioned at the main road leading to the town, stopped and searched the cars and passengers going in and out of the town, eyewitnesses reported.

The town of Qabatiya was subject to several invasions and attacks during the past week and arrested several Palestinians and invaded houses.