Three Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army during an
invasion into Yamoun and Al Far'a towns, near the West Bank city of
Jenin, on Friday morning.  

Yammoun, was stormed by the Israeli army, despite attempts by resistance fighters to prevent the invasion; leading to clashes.  Once the army had entered they took over residents houses to use as sniper posts. 

Using the sniper posts, set up in people's homes the army opened fire onto the Abu Hassan family, eyewitnesses reported.  Ra'ef Hassan Abu Hassan, 22 and his brother Mohammed, 38, were both injured, sending their families into a state of panic. Their third brother Ahmed rushed outside to call an ambulance and obtain medical help, only to also be struck down by a sniper fire.   An army tank then fired a missile, hitting his car, resulting in his death and damage to surrounding cars and buildings. 

Medical sources, reported that Ahmed, 25, died of loss of blood due to fatal wounds sustained in the chest, head and legs.  His brother Mohammed sustained a hit in the chest, leaving him in a critical condition; for which he is undergoing surgery to stabilize his condition.  Ra'ef, sustained a leg wound. 

In the Al Far'a refugee camp, in the city of Jenin, the army shot and killed Fadi Nimir Abd Subeh and Mustafa Zalat, whilst they were throwing stones.  An undercover special army unit infiltrated the refugee camp, setting up an ambush.  As the Israeli military convoy entered the camp in the early hours of the morning, the undercover unit were waited for a response from the resistance fighters; then emerged from behind to shoot and kill them.    

According to medical sources both fighters sustained multiple wounds to the chest and head; dieing instantly.   Hazim Awwad, 19, was injured in his left leg before being arrested by the army and taken to an unknown destination. 

In Jenin refugee camp and city an Israeli army convoy invaded, conducting a wide scale search campaign of residents' houses. Scores of resistance were detained, interrogated on the spot and released.   Local sources reported that during the search campaign soldiers took Mohammed Washahee and his two brother Ala' and Abd Allah to unknown locations. 

The army also invaded Kufer Dan, village, West of Jenin, opening random fire, after which they left the village.  

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