Palestinian medical sources reported on Thursday that two residents,
including a child, and one international peace activist were injured
when an extremist settlers group attacked them while picking olives in
Tal Romedia area, south of Hebron, in the southern part of the West

Local sources reported that settlers living in the Ramat Yishai illegal outpost attacked a Danish activists and two residents, including one child, while their were picking olives in their orchards close to the illegal outpost.

The sources added that several peace activists from Europe were helping the resident in picking their olives when the settlers hurled stones and sharp tools at them.

On Danish peace activist, identified as Sam, 23, and two Palestinians identified as Issa Amro, 28, and Isra' Al Farra, 13, were injured.

The settlers carried their attack while the soldiers, intensively present in the area, did not attempt to stop them, local sources reported.

Al Farra family owns olive orchards near the illegal settlement and managed recently to obtain an order from the Israeli High Court allowing them to pick their olives.

Hashim Al Farra said that when the family managed to reach their orchards, they found out that most of their olives have already been picked by the settlers.