prisoners, who have recently been released from the Israeli
detention Centre in the Prisoners in Negev detention centre mistreated
on a daily basis.


The Negev detention centre, which is known as Ansar 3, has recently been placed under the supervision of the Israeli Army, taking away the authority the Central Jail Administration.  Under the new management attacks and searches of the prisoners' belongings have been taking place on a daily basis, particularly in the early hours of the morning.  

Three prisoners told of harsh and rough treatment by new management, and no recognition of previous agreements the prisoners had with the jail administration; Prisoners who are within hours of being freed are finding that their period of detention is being extended.    

The Director of Israeli Jails said that detention orders are entirely under the control of the Israeli Secret Police.  On a related topic, the Israeli authorities released Ala Ihmedan, the President of the Students' Council in Al Najar University, in Nablus, after he has been detained for fourteen months.  He was held in many detention Centers, the last being the Negev Detention Centre.