The Palestine News Network reported that Israeli soldiers stationed
near Har Homa settlement (Abu Ghneim) fired at several residents of
Beit Sahour town, near Bethlehem, while trying to pick their olives in
Jabal Al Deek,  near the settlement.

Soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition, gas bombs and rubber-coated bullets, no injuries were reported.
Several farmers said that they had to leave their orchards several times as a result of the Israeli attacks. The farmers added that soldiers and guards of the Har Homa settlement repeatedly fired at them in an attempt to bar them from picking their olives.

The farmers were also attacked three days ago while trying to pick their olives in the mountain.

After totally annexing Jabal Abu Gheim, the belong to the local residents, and the construction of Harm Homa settlement, Israel is currently attempting to annex Jabal Al Deek (400 Dunams of olive trees).

Israel classifies the mountain as area C, which is under Israeli military control, and bars the residents from building any constructions there. 

The farmers said that the attacks will not stop them from harvesting their orchards, and that these attacks contradict with the recent Israeli claims of easing restrictions on the residents in order to enable them pick their olives near the settlement.

An Israeli military spokesperson claimed that the shooting was carried out after several residents approached the settlement wall.