Secretary general of the Palestinian Ministers Council, Dr. Mohammad
Awad, said on Friday that the coming will see the “dawn of a new
National Unity Government based on the Unity Document”. Awad added that
extensive talks between all factions are taking place in order to form
the government and end the current crises.   

Also, Dr. Awad stated that all parties agree on the choice of the Unity Government, and that negotiations with Israel will be run by the Palestinian Liberation Organization after reforming it.

Dr. Awad added that he does not believe the President Mahmoud Abbas will carry any procedures against the government that already gave away lots of its rights for the benefit of the Palestinian people.

“A technocrat government is the easiest solution, but it is not the most suitable one”, Dr. Awad said, “pressures, threats and preconditions will not be able to force the government to give away the national standards; no one can impose his conditions without a concession from Hamas”.

Regarding recent news on possible internal clashes in the coming days, Dr. Awad said that the government and the president held talks and agreed that any escalation will be outlawed and will be met by force.