Fateh and Hamas movements agreed, on Friday evening, to end all sorts
of weapon display and tension in the Gaza Strip. The agreement came
after mediation from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
(PFLP) and the Islamic Jihad.

The PFLP and the Islamic Jihad said that they conducted a series of meetings with the Palestinian Minister of Interior, Sa'id Siyam, and leaders of Fateh and Hamas.

Ibrahim Abu Al Naja, head of the Higher Committee of National and Islamic Factions, said on Friday evening that the factions agreed to withdraw the arms from the streets, and deploy uniformed Palestinian policemen in order to deal with any clashes that might take place.

Abu Al Naja demanded all factions to stop the attacks that were carried against Palestinian institutions, and to maintain internal unity.

In a press release after meeting with representatives of Fateh, Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and the PFLP, Abu Al Naja stated that policemen will be deployed to protect all facilities, ministries, and private properties. The meeting was held at the headquarters of the Fateh Central Committee in Gaza.

He also said that a coordination office between Fateh and Hamas will be activated and headed by himself or by representatives of the Islamic Jihad or the PFLP.

Abu Al Naja called on Fateh and Hamas to stop all “smearing campaigns” that increase tension and lead to further conflicts.

The meeting was also attended by Sameer Mashharawi and Ahmad Hillis from Fateh, Kayed Al Ghoul and Dr. Rabah Mhanna from the PFLP, Khaled Al Batsh and Khader Habib from the Islamic Jihad, and Fathi Hammad from Hamas.