Palestinian medical sources reported on Saturday morning that a 50-year
old Palestinian woman died of wounds sustained on Monday, October 23,
when the under-cover forces of the Israeli army infiltrated into Beit
Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, and killed seven

The sources stated that Ni'ma Awdan, was admitted to the intensive care unit at a hospital in Beit Hanoun. She was seriously injured when the under-cover forces attacked a mourning house for Al Shinbary family in Beit Hanoun.

On Friday at night, the Al Qassam brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas, claimed responsibility for firing homemade shells at electricity generators south of Ashkelon. 

The brigades stated that the firing of homemade shells will no cease as long as the Israeli army is operating in the Gaza Strip.

“The resistance will not bow to the Israeli threats”, the brigades stated, “If they shell, we will shell back”.