An Egyptian security source reported late on Saturday night that Egypt
is planning to deploy additional 5,000 soldiers along the border with
the Gaza Strip. The forces will be be deployed if the Israeli army
carries an operation against arms-smuggling tunnels.

The force, mainly police offices, will join 750 soldiers who are already deployed along the Philadelphi route, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The route is a strip of land that extends along the Gaza-Egypt border.

The source added that the additional forces will be present out of fear that the Israeli army may bombs tunnels used by Palestinian resistance factions.

Israeli online daily Haaretz, reported that an Egyptian officer said that Egypt is monitoring the situation with concern, but will have to wait for an official warning from Israel concerning the upcoming operation.

The operation, according to the Egyptian sources, could harm at least 20.000 Egyptians living across the border with the Gaza Strip. The area includes Banks, markets, and homes.

Meanwhile, an Israeli military source reported that Egypt will be informed in advance of any military activity that will take place along the Philadelphi route.

Israeli military sources reported that explosives were discovered on Friday by Bedouin trackers working with the Egyptian Authorities. The explosives were discovered in the Rissam mountain area, 30 kilometers east of the Israeli border.