Two Palestinian resistance fighters from Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, and one civilian were killed and seven residents were injured during an army operation in Khuza'a village, east of Khan Younis city, south of Gaza strip, on Tuesday morning.


Medical sources in the city of Khan Younis reported that Mohamed Al Najar was killed after being hit in the chest with several bullets, while Shadi Al Najar died after being hit in the head. Security sources said the two were shot by Israeli snipers stationed on the roofs of residents' homes roofs. The third was identified as Zaki Al Najar.

The invasion started when at least 20 armored vehicles and tanks stormed Khaza'a village, near the Gaza Israeli border. Helicopters opened fire at residents' homes and farmlands, providing aerial coverage for the ground forces, eyewitnesses reported.

Eyewitnesses added that soldiers broke into dozens of homes, searched and ransacked them, then occupied the rooftops and turned them into sniper towers. Clashes between the local resistance fighters and the army is still going in the village.

The Al Qassam brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, reported that one of its groups fired homemade shells at an Israeli troop-carrier and a bulldozer, damaging it completely.

The Brigades vowed to continue armed resistance against any Israeli attacks on the residents of Gaza.

This ongoing military offensive started shortly after Israeli media sources reported that Israeli Chief of Staff Dan Halutz gave the green light for the Israeli military to conduct wide scale operations in the Gaza Strip.