The Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza strongly denounced the
abductions carried by unknown gunmen against international in the
Palestinian territories, and considered these attacks as direct
violations to the Palestinian law.

The center reported that the abductions have significantly increased over the last two years as a result of chaos and insecurity in the Palestinian territories. 23 abductions were carried out and a total of 48 internationals were abducted, all were freed later on unharmed.

The latest abduction was carried out on Monday afternoon when four gunmen intercepted a two cars in northern Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The gunmen abducted Roberto Vila, 34, as he was leaving Khan Younis with coworker Celine Gagne, who said they had just visited a project for handicapped children when several men armed with Kalashnikov rifles stopped them.

Gagne said they told her to stay where she was while they forced Vila into their car and took off.

Vilo worked for a Spanish charity group called Cooperation Assembly for Peace. This incident is the second time a foreigner has been abducted in two weeks. Last week, Palestinian gunman abducted an AP photographer, but released him at 22:50 same day.

The center reported that the kidnappers demanded the employment of 15 persons in the Palestinian Authority.

On  Tuesday October 21, four masked gunmen abducted a Spanish reporter early in the morning as he was standing in front of his apartment west of Gaza city. He was released at 22:30 same day; no demands were pressed.
The center and several Palestinian organizations considered these attacks as direct violations that harms the Palestinian cause and struggle against the occupation.