The Ramattan News Agency reported that one of it crew, a cameraman, was
seriously injured after an Israeli sharpshooter shot him in the chest
as he was documenting a protest conducted by women in the town against
the ongoing Israeli military offensive.

The agency stated that Hamza Al Attar, 22, arrived along with his colleagues at the Hammouda Fuel Station on Salah Ed Deen Road where the women gathered to protest against the Israeli offensive.

As the women marched in the main street and approached an Israeli checkpoint at the entrance of the town, soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition at them, and one sharpshooter shot Al Attar with one bullet that penetrated his chest and exited from his back.

One woman, identified as Mas'ada Al Hweiji, 45, was killed and at least sixteen women were injured during the protest.

Moreover, dozens of tanks advanced for a distance of 1 kilometer into Beit Hanoun, and exchanged fire with resistance fighters who attempting to stop the army from advancing into the town.

Twenty-two Palestinians were killed in the ongoing Israeli military attack in Beit Hanoun since Wednesday, at least 100 residents were injured, 17 of them are in serious conditions.

Local sources reported that water, food and electricity supplies is completely cut-off from the town while tanks also surrounded the only governmental hospital there.

Yousef Odeh, one of the residents who lost several relatives in the Israeli attack, said that soldiers and sharpshooters, occupied several houses in the town and used them as sniper towers.
Several homes were demolished by military bulldozers stationed at the entrances of the town; the bulldozers also removed electricity poles and trees in narrow streets to facility the invasion of the forces.

At least 1500 residents of Beit Hanoun were forced out of their homes and moved to an unknown destination when the army forced them into buses after forcing them to gather in the Agricultural College area, north of the town.