In an ongoing protest at Al Khadr village near Bethlehem, 40-50 Palestinians, internationals and Israeli demonstrators have been violently attacked by Israeli soldiers, who beat them and pushed them, injuring several.  Three Israelis with the Ta'ayush peace group have been arrested, and one Palestinian.

The protest consisted of a nonviolent march, and a nonviolent civil action whereby protesters took baskets and jars of olives and threw them in the street to symbolize the fact that Palestinian olive farmers from the village are now unable to reach their olive groves, their only source of livelihood, due to the Israeli construction of the Annexation Wall on their land.

The Israeli soldiers broke the jars of olives, blocked the road (the road is mainly a Settler road used by Israeli settlers on their way to illegal settlements in the West Bank from Israel), and beat demonstrators with clubs, rifle butts and fists.