The Palestinians of southern Bethlehem's Wadi Rahal Village engaged in
nonviolent resistance Thursday by demonstrating at the site of land
confiscation for Wall construction in the West Bank. Israeli soldiers
attacked dozens of Palestinian farmers as Israeli surveyors were making

Israeli forces placed signs on Palestinian agricultural land and the town cemetery indicating that the Wall will be imposed there, as reported by eyewitnesses this afternoon. In response to the impending land confiscation, village residents and area farmers marched to the scene where soldiers beat the Palestinians after telling them to leave.

Farmers fought back with fists as Israeli forces shot gas and beat the Palestinians with sticks. A 37 year old is in serious condition in a Bethlehem hospital.

In a neighboring village a similar incident occurred when Israeli soldiers attacked Palestinians demonstrating against land confiscation for additional Wall construction, resulting in the injury of two farmers. They were transferred to a nearby medical clinic. The Israeli soldiers came with surveyors who posted signs indicating that 300 Dunams of Palestinian agricultural land planted with olive trees and grapevines will be destroyed and confiscated.

Dozens of farmers fought back as Israeli soldiers assaulted them all, including female and elderly farmers. The Palestinians stressed that the people will not surrender to the Wall and will instead continue protesting in defense of their land whatever the cost.

The Israeli settlement bloc of Gosh Etzion is nearby, built on Bethlehem lands, and is the source of many settler and soldier attacks on area Palestinians, with farmers and rural residents hit particularly hard.