Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, said on Saturday that the
National Unity Government will be formed, in spite of all the
difficulties, by the end of this month and that the government will
concentrate on ending the embargo imposed on the Palestinian people,
and will open the horizon for a diplomatic solution to end the Israeli

The statements of Abbas came during a memorial ceremony for the late Palestinian President, Yasser Arafat,  in the Palestinian government headquarters in Ramallah.

“Any agenda that is not based on the national program and interests, will give Israel more excuses to stop the establishment of a Palestinian State, and will give it more chances to delay its withdrawal”, Abbas said, “Israel wants to void the Palestinian National Authority, the authority is one of the historic achievements of the Palestinian people”.

Abbas demanded the international community to place political pressure on Israel to resume the peace talks with the Palestinians and to end its occupation so the Palestinians can establish their independent state, with the East of Jerusalem as its capital.

Referring to the dearth of Arafat, and the mystery regarding his sickness while he was under Israeli siege, confined to his headquarters in Ramallah, Abbas said that a higher committee of professional physicians has been formed in order to reveal the causes the led to his death.

Also, Abbas said that unity between all Palestinian factions and groups is the main base that will foil any attempts that aim at stopping the establishment of a Palestinian independent state.

“Arafat kept the guns clean, and honorable, he used those guns to defend his people; those guns should not be used in any way to serve chaos and insecurity”, Abbas added, “Palestinian blood is a red line, and I will not allow anyone to cross it and spill this blood”.

Abbas also said that the Palestinians will not give up on their national rights, and will not accept any peace solution that does not involve the liberation of Jerusalem.

“If Israel wants peace, it should implement all security council resolutions, it must withdraw from all territories occupied in 1967, including the east of Jerusalem”, he added, “Israel must recognize the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, it is time for Israel to stop its settlement activities, and end its occupation”. 

“We chose the path of peace and negotiations, we accepted the Road Map Plan and the Arab initiative, we also welcomed the role of the Quartet”, Abbas stated, “We accepted the truce, but Israel does not want to negotiate, it continued its invasions, siege and attacks, what is happening in Beit Hanoun is happening every day in Palestine”. 

Referring to the Palestinian refugees around the globe, and the Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, Abbas said that the Right of Return is a right guaranteed by the International legitimacy and that the refugees resemble the core of the Palestinian cause, and added that peace without releasing the detainees is impossible.

“The refugees have an internationally guarantees right of return,  we will not accept any solution that excludes”, he added, “As for the detainees, peace cannot be achieved while we have at least 10.000 detainees imprisoned by Israel, we must keep our struggle until they are freed”.