Egyptians detainees continue their hunger strike in Israeli prison in
protest of being held without a legal cause or trial. On Saturday the
Egyptian Consul in the Egyptian Embassy in Tel Aviv visited seven
Egyptians being held in Israeli Negev detention facility.

The hunger strike has been ongoing for 13 days to little avail. The Egyptian Consul told the men languishing in prison that their case is of significant importance to the Egyptian authorities who are in contact with the Israelis to garner their release.

The Egyptian Consul did ask that the hunger strike end out of fear of serious repercussions to the health of the prisoners.

Hamid Salem is among the prisoners who told PNN via telephone Saturday that the visit had a great impact on the hearts of the hunger strikers. He delivered a message of collective gratitude that the Egyptian administration is moving to help them and all hope to be home among their families as soon as possible.

The seven Egyptians were put in prison after entering Israeli borders in search of work. They were imprisoned without trial and without being visited by the Egyptian Consul until now.