In the town of Beit Hanoun, the site of an Israeli shelling that killed
eighteen civilians on Wednesday, another child was killed Sunday by the
ongoing Israeli shelling of the town.  And an eighteen-year old boy who
was critically injured in Wednesday's shelling died today of his
injuries, making the death toll since the invasion started last week
reach 75., one-third of whom are children.

Medical sources reported that a group of students were targeted by the Israeli shelling on Sunday, in the western part of Beit Hanoun, near Balsam Hospital.  One was blown to pieces, and was eventually identified as Moussa Ahmed Zahd, 14, from Al Shaima' area in Beit Lahiya.  Two other boys in the crowd were severely injured.  They were identified as Abdullah Abu Namous, 17, and Ramzi Ibrahim, 22.

Local witnesses identified the shrapnel as being from a surface-to-surface missile, a weapon made in the U.S.A. and used by Israel to regularly fire into heavily-populated civilian areas of Palestine.

Israeli military officials claimed to have targeted, and successfully hit, "a terrorist standing near rocket launchers."  But local witnesses report no terrorists, and no rocket launchers anywhere in the area, only a group of high school and university students going home from school.

Israeli sources report that the missile was fired into Beit Hanoun after a homemade shell landed in Moshav Nativ Haasara in southern Israel, causing no damage.  The sources claim that the shell was fired from somewhere near Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.

Also on Sunday morning, Mohammed Nabil, 18, died of wounds sustained during the massive attack on Beit Hanoun Wednesday that killed 18 people.

Nabil had been transported to an Israeli hospital on Wednesday, and died of his wounds on Sunday.  His body was returned Sunday to Gaza, where his family (who were unable to visit him in the Israeli hospital) plan to bury him later today.