Three Palestinian children and two women were injured on Saturday when
settlers of the Ramat Yishai illegal outpost carried several attacks
against residents, houses and school students in Hebron city, in the
southern part of the West Bank.

Resident Hashim Al Azza, from Tal Romeda neighborhood in the center of Hebron reported that his child Younis, 3, and his wife Nisreen, 33, were injured after being attacked by extremist settlers who hurled stones and empty bottles at several houses and residents, the Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported.

Al Azza added that Fatima, 38, the wife if his brother, and her two daughter Sondos, 12, and Jannat, 14, were also attacked by settlers and suffered bruises and cut to several parts of their bodies.

The settlers also attacked school students heading back home from schools near the same area, and hurled stones at them. The army, intensively deployed in the area, did not attempt to stop the settlers.

Hundreds of setters and members of extremist groups marched on Saturday from the Ramat Yeshai outpost to Keryat Arba' settlement in Hebron.

During their march, the settlers went through the Old City of Hebron, and near the Ibrahimi mosque that was closed by the army. The settlers also marched to several illegal outposts in the city.