Monday evening, Israeli soldiers took resident Shareef Abu Hadeed
prisoner after surrounding his house in the West Bank city of Bethlehem
for several hours, and after detaining and interrogating several
members of his family. Several residents, including a reporter, were
injured during the offensive.

Troops surrounded the house of Abu Hadeed for several hours and fired rounds of live ammunition and concussion grenades at the house and at dozens of youth who were heading back home from school.

Ahmad Mizhir, 28, a cameraman working with The Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, was mildly injured by military fire.

Five teens were injured by Israeli fire and were moved to Bethlehem hospital for treatment. Two of them  are in critical condition; one with a bullet in the head, the other with a bullet in the chest.

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Five teens injured, two critically, in ongoing Israeli invasion of Bethlehem
2006-11-20 16:54:00

High school students leaving their schoolyard Monday afternoon report
that they were fired upon by Israeli soldiers that are currently spread
throughout downtown Bethlehem.  Five boys were hit by Israeli bullets
and are being treated in Bethlehem Hospital.  Two are in critical
condition – one with a bullet in the head, the other with a bullet in
the chest.

The dozens of Israeli soldiers currently attacking local residents in downtown Bethlehem have detained an entire extended family of fifteen people in a single room of an abandoned building.  The family members, including children and the elderly, have been held since early afternoon by the soldiers and have been unable to leave the room.

One elderly family member, after pleading with the soldiers, was allowed to briefly leave the house to bring some water, and talked to an IMEMC reporter on the street.  She described cramped and tense conditions inside the makeshift detention facility, and said that one of the children had fainted.

The soldiers apparently invaded the town in an attempt to capture Shareef Abu Hadeed, who they claim is 'wanted' by the Israeli military.  After surrounding his home, detaining his family, and firing openly at nearby residents, Abu Hadeed made a public phone call to a local television station announcing that he was not at his home at all.  

But the Israeli invasion has continued, with Israeli soldiers opening fire on a number of residents, including the schoolchildren who had to be hospitalized for their injuries. 


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Bethlehem invasion ongoing, soldiers force families out of their homes, fire at reporters 

2006-11-20 16:48:00


IMEMC correspondent reported that soldiers forced several families out
of their homes, near the Manger Square, and took them to a nearby house
controlled by the army apparently to interrogate them; one reporter and
at least two residents were injured; at least two were taken prisoner.

Earlier on Monday, soldiers invaded Bethlehem and surrounded the house of Shareef Abu Hadeed, said to be Islamic Jihad operative in the city.

Mohammad, the brother of Shareef, went out of the house to negotiate with the soldiers, but they detained him.

IMEMC correspondent said that the father of Abu Hadeed went out of the house later on to negotiate with the soldiers. It is still unclear if Abu Shareef is in the surrounded home.

Two residents, not members of the family, were detained by the soldiers who also took the wife of Abu Hadeed and his cousin prisoner, apparently to pressure him to surrender.  

All residents in nearby homes, including children and elderly, were forced out and are currently held in a nearby house the army controlled and is apparently using it as a temporary interrogation center.

One reporter was mildly injured in his chest after a bullet fired by the army hit him in his bullet-proof vest.

Army invades Bethlehem, surrounds a house and clashes with local youth
Ghassan Bannoura – IMEMC, NOvember 20, 13:46

The Israeli army invaded the West Bank city of Bethlehem, surrounded a
house of a wanted resident and clashed with the local youth on Monday
afternoon. At least one resident was injured, and one reporter was hit
ricocheted bullet into his bullet-proof vest.

Local residents informed the IMEMC that troops stormed the Manger Square located in the city Center, surrounded the house of Sharef Abdul-Qader, said to be Islamic Jihad operative in the city.

Sozens of youth clashed with the invading forces and hurled stones at them, soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition, tear gas and sound bombs.

The invasion and the clashes are ongoing as the military continues the offesnive in the city.

Two weeks ago army invaded the city killed two and injured more than 20 in similar circumstances.